Wild Child Menu (10 and under)

Yummy in My Tummy
One egg, two pieces of bacon or sausage, fresh fruit and toast $3.49

Abby’s Shorty Stack
Two pancakes served with whipped cream and powdered sugar $2.99

I Louvre French Toast
Two pieces of Texas toast dipped in egg batter and served with whipped cream and powdered sugar $2.99

Iddy-Biddy-Eggy Omelet
Two egg omelet with cheddar-jack cheese, fresh fruit and toast $3.29

Andrew’s Cutt in’ the Cheese
Texas toast, American cheese served with your choice of fries, chips or skillet potatoes $3.49

Bacon (2) $1.75
Sausage (2) $1.50
Biscuit $1.25
1 egg $1.50
2 eggs $2.75
Skillet Potatoes $0.99
Vanilla Yogurt $1.99
Toast (1) $0.75
Gluten-free Toast (1) $0.99

Kid’s Beverages
Chocolate Milk
Apple Juice
Soft Drinks (Free Refills)


Wild Eggs Kid's Menu